Preliminary program may - september 2021 :

All (online) events of European researchers of the 2021 ZATE project are being filmed and photographed, which will also be displayed on screens. Participants and organizers will be photographed in a photograph. By clicking on the link to participate in the online event, the participants of the permit to the organizers in the European Commissions for recording, photography and audio recording in the instructions for use after the last assessment. Participants will therefore not claim any liability against the organizer in the European Commission in relation to the above.

Trainers & Multipliers Workshop for Popular Science Communication

(intended for researchers of the consortium)

Open Science, Ethics and Gender Equality in Horizon Europe

21 September 2021 at 10:00, online

Online workshop on open science, ethics and gender equality in Horizon Europe is organised by the University of Maribor together with the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.

Trainers: Mr. Peter Strle; dr. Ivan Skubic; dr. Andreja Umek Venturini; Ms. Uršula Konečnik

Exhibition and multisensory presentation: “POLYLEG 0.1 rendering time matrix”

10 to 30 September 2021, UP Rectorate, Armoury, Koper

“POLYLEG 0.1time matrix of depiction” is a point where presentation of scientific ascertainments intersect with visual artistic interventions. Together, they form a conglomerate of representations of forms—that is, those communicative functions that influence the content transformations of the visual code. To this end, with an interdisciplinary approach, aestheticization is formed from historical contexts, temporal developments, and changes based on evolutionary guidelines.

The process is followed by monitoring the assumptions of the construct of new futuristic forms, which are linked to the message transmission of the code of visual, decoded and haptic perception. “POLYLEG 0.1—time matrix of representation” is an illustration of an artificially constructed form based on scientific achievements that arise in a multi-layered form. Through an artistic and scientific presentation of the perception of data and image databases developed into a multisensory experiential reliving, the visitor finds himself placed in a newly built form. Individualized perception, which can only be described through the ambivalent multivocality of accepting and rejecting art, forms a basic condition for active entry into the discursive field of understanding the role of science and art in the future.

Researchers: dr. Boris Kavur, assoc. prof., dr. Tilen Žbona, assoc. prof.

Science Slam

23 September 2021, 19:00–21:00, Vetrinje Mansion, Maribor 

This science slam is organized together with Science on the Street project.

Seven researchers in natural and social sciences will present themselves at the slam. The event will be hosted by the journalist Maja Ratej and stand-up comedian Aleš Novak.


1. CART Provides the Essence of the Y and Z Generations’ Success, Petra Cajnko, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, UM

2. Relax Legally, Taja Žitek, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, UM

3. Why Do Various Generations Of Tourists Visit Mountains?, Tomi Špindler, Faculty of Tourism, UM

4. Job Through a Platform – Are You Really Your Own Boss?, Aljoša Polajžar, Faculty of Law, UM

5. How to Wash Your Laundry?, Branko Neral, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, UM

6. Physical Activity of Children and Youth: Right, Possibility, Privilege, Joca Zurc, Faculty of Arts, UM

7. Developing Algorithmic Thinking in Young Children, Marjeta Capl, Faculty of Education, UM

The event will be recorded and broadcast on the Science on the Street YouTube channel.