Active breaks can be equally effective if conducted online or in smaller groups. In addition to the implementation of breaks, the students are given some instructions to use at home and should also encourage parents to take breaks. 

The person who will conduct this station should consult with co-workers up to 14 days before the implementation about the possible inclusion of a questionnaire, which will be most up to date at that time. It is expected that a secondary school will be invited to fulfil a questionnaire. As much as possible, we will encourage the teachers to continue practicing taking active breaks. 

The active break will involve 2 stretching, 2 strengthening and 1 balance exercise. The proposed exercise list includes: 

a) The swallow – single leg forward bend (playful story possibility for the youngest) 

b) Side bridge at the wall (same as above) 

c) Hamstrings stretch (youngest: pretending to be old) 

d) Dynamic stretch of the shoulder and chest (youngest: pretending to be birds) 

e) Single-leg stance (youngest: pretend you are a statue) 

Researchers: Luka Kejžar, Assoc. Prof. Klemen Širok 

Presentation ONLINE 10.30-11.00 a.m. and 12.45 a.m.-1.15 p.m.